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We are a Bosnian brand

specialising in creating unique handmade jewellery, founded in 2015
by Lejla Nuhić  and Ajla Šarić.


Life is short,
make every outfit count

Werkstatt jewelry is designed and produced by Ajla Šarić and Lejla Nuhić. Friends since their university days at the Sarajevo Fine Arts School, both studied under the mentorship of one of the most respected printmakers in Europe, Dževad Hozo.

What started as an art hobby for one of us in 2007, initially grew with small individual sales. In 2015, with the two of us already collaborating, we decided to brand and sell our designs to a wider audience by forming Werkstatt. Since then we have not looked back and have seen our designs and the brand become well known in the region. With our success and a growing demand for our designs Werkstatt has grown and we are now a team of seven. We are pleased that more people now share the love and creativity we put into each piece of jewellery.

The printmaking process is the basis of the Werkstatt style. The jewelry is manufactured from zinc and brass plates and transformed into wearable art pieces. Each piece of jewelry contains a mini graphic image characterised by contrasting etchings and other visual effects. To achieve this, we use a variety of printmaking techniques: copper etching, aquatint, drypoint, mezzotint, and soft ground.